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Lifetime Warranty on all Workmanship

Windshield Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Services

1st Class Auto Glass provides the highest level of quality for windshield repair and replacement in cars, trucks, semi-trucks, and a wide range of heavy equipment. Whether you are at home, work, or school - we will travel to your location to assist in a more convenient experience for our valued customers.

What Auto Glass Services Do We Offer?

Rock chip repair - in most cases we are able to seamlessly repair chips using a high grade resin. Most all insurance providers will handle rock chip claims. The sooner you are able to repair a chip the less noticable it will be after the resin has dryed. Click here to view repairable rock chip types and before/after pictures.

Windshield replacement - most consumers aren't aware that a windshield acutally provides structural integrity to the vehicle. Repairing a cracked windshield is more than just aesthetics, it's a safety concern on many levels, including the most obvious which is possible visual impairment of the driver. Click here to view more information on windshield auto glass repair.

Door & Vent auto glass replacement - there are several different types of door/vent glass options, it can be confusing trying to figure out which one you need but don't worry we offer free estimates for any of these services. Click here to view more information on door and vent glass replacement.

Included with Our Auto Glass Services:

  • Lifetime warranty on all workmanship.
  • Free estimates for any auto glass service.
  • Free mobile service to your location.
  • Hassle free insurance claims for rock chip repair, windshield replacement, door glass replacement, and many other services.

Service Areas

Canton, TX Crandall, TX Dallas, TX
Grand Saline, TX Greenville, TX Heath, TX
Mesquite, TX Rockwall, TX Sunnyvale, TX

Rock Chip Repair Service

1st Class Auto Glass technicians are well trained in repairing rock chips. The repair itself takes about 30 minutes and is covered on most insurance claims, but time is of the essence, a small rock chip can spread into a large crack which can only be fixed by replacing the windshield.

Repairable Rock Chips
repair rock chips

Non-repairable Rock Chips
repair rock chips

The type and severity of a rock chip can sometimes be difficult to assess so please contact us and one of our highly trained staff will assist you with any questions. Usually a good rule of thumb is if the chip is smaller than a quarter it can probably be repaired.

Windshield Replacement Service

1st Class Auto Glass uses the highest quality windshields on the market because we want our customers to be fully satisfied in every aspect of our service. Since we do offer lifetime warranties on all workmanship it is in our best interest not to shortcut on the materials we use for the replacement. We also use a very high grade urethane adhesive to ensure the glass does not leak under any conditions.

Our windshield replacements come with free mobile service - meaning we will travel to your location for the repair. We want your experience to be completely hassle free and convenient.

Windshield Diagram
windshield construction diagram

As seen in the image above a windshield is actually built using three layers, a top layer of glass, middle layer of plastic usually consisting of polyvinyl butyral or ethylene-vinyl acetate, and a final bottom layer of glass. This type of construction is know as laminated or safety glass and is primarily to keep large sharp pieces of glass from injuring passengers. That is why normally windshields crack in a spider web like fashion and it's usually only the top layer of glass that is breaking.

Door/Vent Glass Replacement Service

Replacing door or vent glass is a delicate process and can be tricky for even the most experienced technician. That's why at 1st Class Auto Glass we have made sure our technicians have the most up to date training on all makes and models of vehicles.

We also offer this service with free mobile installation, and don't worry, if you do have tint on your windows we can usually match it to the original during the replacement.

Door/Vent Glass Locations
door and vent glass locations

The diagram above does not apply to every vehicle layout, but it is generally similiar among most makes and models. The cost of the glass can vary greatly depending on the location so please contact us to speak with one of our highly trained staff to for the most accurate price.